I hope you got my title joke, haha. I know, I am so funny, or not. Anyway, welcome to my website. You have now landet in the “NEWS” section of this sight and just like it sounds I will be posting about what I’m up to. That can for example entail:

  • projects I worked on
  • will be working on
  • about days when I’m just out goof-filming
  • testing gear
  • shots or edits I feel like to share
  • things that goes wrong
  • things that goes right
  • and surely many more things as well, all film related

I can’t promise how often I will share my love. But a post now and then I’m sure I can make happen. I do have some really exiting stuff I like to tell you guys about. Thanks for tuning in. While you wait for me to write about one of my project you can always check out my work under the tab WORK and check out my instagram. Until later, be phenomenal!

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